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Grow, Lead and Inspire with Rebarre Academy


Welcome to Rebarre Academy, where we provide only the best-in class barre trainings. We are the first and only barre training school in Malaysia, offering a well-balanced barre philosophy which embraces the perfect balance of grace and grit.

Our training has been meticulously crafted by industry experts in the UK, providing the finest, well-rounded, and thorough guidance for enhancing your expertise as a barre instructor. Uncover the incredible and confident teacher within you, enabling you to adeptly lead empowering and impactful barre classes. 

It's not solely about the content you deliver; it's about the atmosphere you create in your classes. At Rebarre, we are committed to providing our students with the utmost quality experience. We don't just impart the "what"; we generously impart the "how" and "why," empowering you to evolve into the outstanding teacher we believe you can become.


A comprehensive Barre Teacher Training Programme (BTT), providing you all you need to lead effective and enjoyable barre classes. 

Here's what we cover:


1. Functional Anatomy and Practical Applications


2. Alignment Principles


3. Rebare Workout Manual


4. Peer to Peer Demo Teaching


5. Intelligent Sequencing


6. Class Planning

*Suitable for anyone with an interest in barre.
Must have completed the Masterclass

Core & Sculpt.JPG



70 hours of empowering knowledge you can use in the barre class and out. Here is a breakdown of how and what this means for you:

  • 26 hours of in-person training* conducted by our trainer. Expect lots of hands-on, lectures, group discussions and other forms of interactive blended learning.

  • 20 hours of practice classes, where all trainees are required to complete at least 20 barre classes.

  • 24 hours of post-training work, including 12 class observations and 12 practice teaching sessions. Trainees will be required to submit one recorded video of the barre practice teaching session for certification.



Get your barre certification and share your passion right away!

Upon successfully fulfilling all module requirements, you'll earn the title of a certified barre instructor. Whether you prefer the virtual or in-person teaching space, or want to infuse barre fitness into your existing classes, the possibilities are endless. Prepare for a realm of thrilling opportunities and live out your dream of sharing your barre passion with others.

But hold on, there's more.

Show up, put in the effort, and shine in your role – and we'll present you with the chance to become a part of our Rebarre Studio family. Chosen participants will be enrolled in our Rebarre Mentorship Programme, offering the exciting opportunity to lead classes at our Rebarre studio.

We're not just providing a certification; we're inviting you to grow alongside us. Join us in the vibrant community of the Rebarre family! This journey will most definitely be fun and fulfilling- we promise1


Who is this barre instructor training for?

The barre enthusiasts seeking to perfect their practice. Those who may be uncertain but harbor a love for barre and crave more than just group classes. The go-getters with dreams of opening their own barre studios. Individuals yearning for freedom from their main gig in pursuit of a fulfilling side hustle, and the passionate leaders on a quest for personal freedom while making a living doing what they love the most.

Sept 2024 Intake

Open for registration

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